Summary and activities of the association


Corporate Juridical Person “Nihon Hoken Yakkyoku Kyoukai”
English name:Nippon Pharmacy Association


The main purposes of this association are as follows, based on three key words of safety, convenience and economy which are to clarify the roles of national insurance pharmacies to prioritize the profit of Japanese people. It also aims to contribute to realize health insurance pharmacies that can be truly trusted and satisfied by Japanese people through activities such as fostering health insurance pharmacies with people's viewpoint, providing relevant information and streamlining pharmacy operation and establishing various infrastructures to do so.

  1. Establishing and fostering health insurance pharmacy business category in the social structure
  2. Promoting social infrastructure for insurance medical care and preventive medicine
  3. Conceptualization and proposing for aging/fewer children society and the activities for their realization according to the government policy of Health Japan 21 and Health Promotion Law
  4. Fostering and industrialization of the health insurance pharmacy business acknowledged by the society and the Japanese nationals.
  5. Setting requirements for Japanese health insurance pharmacy category and the realization of roles to play there as well as providing education and training for fostering pharmacists and staffs working in these pharmacies.
  6. Proposing and suggesting issues to people, the industry, and the government surrounding health insurance pharmacies


The rules resolved in the organization meeting, on April 27, 2004, shall be applied.


This association shall be a membership organization. The qualification of the members shall be a company operating health insurance pharmacy and a company involved in the operation of health insurance pharmacy.
There are three types of membership; a regular member, a supporting member, and a special member according to their business category.

  • Regular member:A corporation which operates health insurance pharmacies irrespective of a size of business
  • Supporting member:A corporation involved in business operation of health insurance pharmacies
  • Special member:A corporation or an individual that agrees and cooperates the purpose of this association acknowledged by the association


This association prepares short-term and long-term project plans at the time of its establishment and performs activities required to achieve the following purposes of the association

  1. Holding seminars/symposia on health insurance pharmacy, preventive medicine and skill improvement.
  2. Preparing, publishing and distributing bulletins and relevant books
  3. Communicating, cooperating and collaborating with relevant Japanese and overseas societies and associations
  4. Encouraging various researches, and honoring research results
  5. Research and investigation on general medicine including nursing care, dispensing, preventive medicine and the current situation of pharmacists and qualified personnel involved in health insurance operation, aw well as therapeutic substitution, home care and nursing care
  6. Improving technical and qualification of our members through study tours of medical advanced countries (USA and Europe, etc.) and human exchange and collecting relevant information through these trainings.
  7. Providing dispensing and medical information in and outside of Japan
  8. Establishing and developing patient support system
  9. Other projects needed to achieve the purposes of this association

Collaboration with American Pharmaceutical Association

The United States is advanced in medicine, especially pharmacy and pharmacist's operation and they have established clinical pharmacy that has been adopted all over the world including European countries. We need to learn such things starting from fair operation of health insurance pharmacies, fostering, and human resource training of pharmacies, until global standard and its system structure. We will have strong collaboration with pharmacy associations in the United States to get support for these systems and information gathering that are needed in Japan.
We further aim to have clinical level exchange with US pharmacy schools, medical universities and institutions. Moreover, we plan to collaborate with European pharmacy associations and Asian relevant associations, government and educational bodies in addition to US pharmacy associations.

Collaboration with relevant government agencies, organizations, etc.

We will have close collaboration with Japan Medical Association, Japan Hospital Physician's Association, Japan Dental Association, Japan Pharmaceutical Association, Japanese Society of Hospital Pharmacists, and other organizations that contributed to the development of pharmacy industry, not to mention Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare that is the regulatory agency.
Through such collaboration, we ask for their understanding and support of our association, as well as to enforce ties with relevant administrative agencies of local government through our communication and report of our activities. We will be involved in necessary actives for health insurance pharmacies to be trusted, to grow and to develop with people in community in mind.

We will further collaborate with existing professional, economical, academic and research organizations to actively tackle with research and promotional activities in order to increase the level of health insurance pharmacies, and staffs working at pharmacies including pharmacists.